How to edit a portrait in PortraitPro

Editing a portrait on a professional level could be a long and tedious process using standard editors like Photoshop. But there are plugins making the process easier. One of the tools – PortraitPro – is offering a huge granularity in settings. Let me show you how to edit a photo using PotraitPro.

We will go step by step and edit following features:

  • Face Sculpt
  • Skin editing
  • Makeup
  • Eyes details
  • Mouth & Nose
  • Hair
  • Overall settings

PortraitPro can be used as a standalone application or as a plugin within Photoshop. I use it as a Photoshop Plugin. Let’s open a portrait photo in Photoshop and go to Filter->Anthropics->PortraitPro

Potrait Editing in PortraitPro

As a first step, you have to define whether the portrait you’re going to retouch is female, male or child. The next step is to move contour curves points to match the face contours. It is a base for further morphing and face sculpting.


Face Sculpt

After you created and fine-tuned the face contour curves you can morph and edit particular parts of the face. Let us start with the face shape and edit the forehead and the jaw on the portrait.

We can now continue with the retouching of the eyes. Let’s widen a bit the eyes. Here you have to be careful and do not overdo it. Continue with the eyebrows. The nice feature is you can even edit separately left and the right eye.

Move to mouth settings. Let’s bring a slight smile expression. Then edit separately upper and the lower lip. If needed, we can subtly plump the upper and the lower lip as well.

Now move to the nose part. Here you can shorten the nose, slip the tip of the nose, and slim overall the nose.

When you’re done with the sculpting use the Master Fade slider to fine-tune the overall sculpting settings to the appropriate level.

Portrait Skin Editing

As my model has almost perfect skin, only small adjustments will be needed here. Let’s start with Skin Lighting. This is an excellent tool that allows you to simulate studio lighting. If you are a photographer, this process will be very familiar to you.

Move the overall lighting source to the position you want. Then start to use sliders to improve or creatively edit the lighting on particular parts of the face. Use modeling light and fix lighting to change the overall lighting on the portrait subject.

Focus on the left or right shadow, left or right kick light. You can improve the cheekbones lighting and emphasize this part of the portrait as well.

Now let’s take care of the Skin Color. The first step is to choose from the default skin types. Then adjust Brightness Contrast, Temperature of the skin color, and the tint.


Makeup is an extremely strong capability of the PortraitPro retouching plugin.

So let’s start with the Lipstick. Choose the Color, Shine, and the Coverage to cover the lips with the lipstick. Then let’s add the Mascara to emphasize the look of the eyes even more. Here you can nudge separately the upper as well as the lower lash. Move to the next retouching group – Upper Eyeshadow.

Select the texture, for example, Matte. Then choose the Shape and then fine-tune the color of the shadow. Increase the Shine if needed, and at the end, fine-tune the overall Eyeshadow Slider. Apply a similar process for Lower Eyeshadow.

Now let’s move to the Eyeliner. Increase or decrease the opacity of upper or lower Liner. Then try to change the Application type of both upper and lower liner.

The next step will be the Blusher application. This feature brings a color tone to the cheeks. So select the type of the face, for example, Oval. Then choose the color that will be applied to both sides of the face.

The Bronzer brings an overall color tint to the face skin. Here you have again the possibility to choose the bronze color tint to be applied. Use it very subtly.

Eyebrow Pencil emphasizes the eyebrows and also here you can choose the color to be applied. You can apply an Eyebrow pencil separately to both eyebrows.

Eyes Details Retouching

In this section of retouching, we will focus on the details of the eyes. Firstly let’s Whiten the eyes and Clean eyes to remove small veins and other imperfections.

Then proceed with darkening the pupils and defining the pupil sizes.

Now you can sharpen the eyes and also sharpen the eyebrows separately. You can even change the color of the eyes by adding a virtual contact lens, setting the opacity of the contact lens.

Mouth & Nose

Within the Mouth & Nose section of sliders you can set and edit teeth whitening and cleaning. Let’s proceed with Lip Saturation, Darkening and Contrast. Finally sharpen the mouth, teeth and moisten the lips.

Editing the hair

PortritPro allows you to edit the hair by recoloring and setting the recolor amount. Then got to the next slider and set the Shine parameter.

Overall picture setting

Here you can set overall settings like Temperature, Tint, Exposure, Brightness, and other parameters.


After you finished all parameters setting and you use PortraitPro as a Photoshop plugin you press the Return From Plugin button. it will bring you back to Photoshop where you can further edit the photo as usual.

In my case, I masked out a part of eyelashes that were overlapping the hair unnaturally.

You can watch the whole video tutorial here.

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Generally, PortraitPro is a great product, and I recommend it to every portrait photographer or retoucher.

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