How to install presets for Lightroom Mobile – Updated

This is a short workflow description on how to install Presets for Lightroom Mobile. Using Lightroom presets is the easy way how to edit and retouch images in Adobe Lightroom.

Installing Presets for Lightroom mobile consists of a couple of steps:

  • Download the Preset Pack
  • Unzip the Pack
  • Create a new Album on the mobile device
  • Transfer Presets to mobile device
  • Start to use your Presets

Lightroom Mobile is a free app from Adobe, allowing you to edit your pictures directly on your smartphone. That’s a great deal because you can take a photo, edit it and share it without the need for any computer when traveling, for example.
Adobe Lightroom Mobile is a powerful app with many great features that are not revealed or widely used in most cases. For example, taking images directly from the app offers a lot of pro functions.


Lightroom Presets for Mobile

Presets for the mobile version of Adobe Lightroom works on a different principle comparing to Lightroom Classic. These preset are based on special sample files with the DNG extension. So if you buy or download ten presets for Lightroom Mobile, you will get 10 DNG files.

How to install the presets
Download, Unzip & Transfer to mobile device

First of all, you need to transfer your presets to your mobile device. The best way is to unpack your downloaded file on a PC or Mac and then to move it into your mobile device. So let’s get started:

  • Download the Preset Pack
  • Locate the Preset Pack ZIP file in your Downloads folder.
  • Unzip the Preset Pack ZIP file. (Windows: Right-click the ZIP file, and select
  • Extract All….)
  • Choose where you want the preset folder to be created and click the Extract
  • Mac: Double-click on the ZIP file. A new folder will automatically be created with the DNG files inside.

How to transfer  presets (DNG Files) to mobile device

Now that the presets are unzipped, you’ll need to transfer the DNG files to your mobile device. This could be your cloud storage, where you have unzipped all downloaded DNG files–presets. For example, it could be Dropbox.
Another method that will work across most devices is email. Simply Attach the DNG files to an email and send it to yourself. Open the email on your mobile device and then download the attached files.
Once the DNG files are on your mobile device, make sure you have the Adobe Lightroom app installed and updated to the latest version.

Tap the Lr icon on your mobile phone after you installed the Lightroom mobile CC. This operation requires an Adobe ID, so first, you have to register on Adobe.

How to install presets for Lightroom Mobile 1
  • Create a new album

You can create a new album by tapping the “Create an Album” – in case you haven’t created one yet. Or tap the + sign and create a new album this way.

The best option is to give the album the same name as the Preset Pack.

How to install presets for Lightroom Mobile 2
  • Please tap on the newly created Album to open it. It’s currently empty, but we’re going to fill it with the DNG images you downloaded.
  • Tap on the icon in the bottom right corner, then select the directory where you saved the DNG files.
  • Select all of the DNG files and tap Add. The DNG files will load within the Album. Each DNG image has a different preset applied to it, which you can save to use on other photos in Lightroom.
  • Open the first DNG image and tap on the (…) icon in the top right corner. Select Create Preset. The Create Preset menu will open.
  • The default settings are ok but make sure that Profile: Color, Light, Color, Effects, and Detail are all checked.
  • Tap on Preset Group, and select Create New Preset Group. We recommend naming the group after the preset pack you downloaded.
  • Check Mark icon in the top right corner.
  • Back at the New Preset menu, give the preset a name. After naming the preset, tap the Check Mark icon in the top right corner.
  • The first preset has been saved!
  • Repeat this process for each of the other DNG images.

How to use your new presets

  • Tap on the image you want to apply a preset to.
  • Locate the toolbar at the bottom of the screen. Scroll to the right until you see the Presets option. Tap on Presets.
  • Select the Preset Group, and then select the preset that you want to apply.
  • If you want to see a before and after to compare, just tap and hold your finger on the image to see the original, and release it to see it with the preset coloring applied.
  • You’re done! Now go and have some fun with your new set of Lightroom Presets.
How to install presets for Lightroom Mobile 7

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