Photoshop alternatives for Mac and Windows

In today’s world, the phenomenon of photography and video is a daily routine in our lives. Everybody owns a camera or at least a smartphone that can take a lot of photos every day. Of course, many times, non-professional needs to edit a photo to use it for various purposes. There are well-known brands such as Adobe…

Travel Photographer’s Backpack List

What do you take with you as a holiday or travel photographer?
Let’s look at it according to what kind of holiday or travel will go and let’s go through the travel photographer backpack list.

Relax on the beach by the sea.
You know, you are lying more or less in the same place on the…

How to install presets for Lightroom Classic CC

How to install presets for Lightroom Classic CC
Presets are sets of predefined photo editing steps. They work in Adobe Lightroom, but also in other programs. They are easy to use – a single click activates the preset and automatically performs many image adjustments. There are many presets available for a variety of photo genres, such as quick…

Top 5 Entry-Level Mirrorless Cameras

Mirrorless cameras offer image quality at the same level as DSLR, allowing lenses to be changed, but smaller and lighter.
The Concept
The concept of a mirror-free camera with interchangeable lenses is virtually as old as the photograph itself. In the more difficult times of film photography, two types of devices appeared – rangefinders and later SLR cameras. They…

Photoshop for beginners. Selections by Channels

Photoshop for beginners. Selections by Channels
Channels in Photoshop are grayscale images that store different types of information:
Color information channels are created automatically when a new image is opened. The number of channels created is determined by the color mode of the image. For example, an RGB image has channels for each color (red, green, and blue) plus…

Photoshop for beginners – selections

Photoshop for beginners – selections bring you an overview and step-by-step tutorial on how to use essential selection tools in Photoshop.
Selections in Photoshop
Selection separates one or more parts of the image. When you select specific regions, you can apply adjustments, effects, and filters to those parts of the image, leaving unselected regions unchanged. You can copy, move,…

Photography apps for your iPhone

One of the most important things about any photo is the ability to control the exposure of the camera.
There are a lot of important parameters to set up when taking pictures, but this is the essential thing. When you point the camera at a subject, the exposure meter sets the…

How to make B&W images from color ones?

I have received many requests for a simple method on how to make the black and white image from color one using Photoshop.
Some of the most famous photographs in the history of photography are black and white. Why is that? Why do photographers who have access to state-of-the-art color imaging technology today sometimes choose to take pictures…