Photography apps for your iPhone


One of the most important things about any photo is the ability to control the exposure of the camera.
There are a lot of important parameters to set up when taking pictures, but this is the essential thing. When you point the camera at a subject, the exposure meter sets the primary auto exposure. This exposure will be based on different levels of light on the scene as well as reflections of light from individual objects and how much light is reflected back to the camera. The camera is, therefore, often confused and unable to evaluate areas that are bright or dark. For example, a prevalent scene is when you are in the shade. One part of the image is dark, but the background may be very bright as the sunny day is clear.

In the default camera app that comes with your iPhone, you can click different areas to change the exposure. So if I click on a background that very clear, you will see how sad the other regions of the image. It is because the background is much brighter right now. If I click on your parts of the image, I will automatically lighten all areas of the image, including the bright ones. This simulation will help me direct the lamp or strobe to the darkest spaces of the image and illuminate them.
However, not everyone likes the built-in iPhone app, and some photographers need more advanced photo settings. But this basic built-in application does not offer. However, there are applications for iOS, which are designed for shooting for the more demanding user. These apps allow you to set multiple parameters when taking pictures, but also for editing photos.


With the ProCamera app, you can control the exposure and focus separately, as shown in the attached image. The area that ProCamera excels in is HDR and night scene photography. Its vivid HDR can do truly amazing things with HDR photography, while Night Mode ensures great night-time photos. If you plan to shoot regularly at night, or if you like to use HDR mode, ProCamera should not be missing on your iPhone.

Camera + 2

Camera + is currently the most popular application, which in addition to taking pictures, also offers editing photos already taken. Users enjoy it primarily for comfortable user experience, several handy features such as manual exposure, white balance, focus, ISO, and many more. Plus, it offers many different filters to enhance your photos. It also includes a feature where you can add multiple filters to a picture using layers. Plus, Camera + is compatible with Apple Watch.


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