Photoshop Mix

Another valuable and free mobile application from Adobe is Photoshop Mix. Using this app, you can apply advanced editing methods to your images. It allows you to cut out and combine the images. Make enhancements and apply looks.

It is free, and the only thing you have to do is to sign up to Adobe and get your Adobe ID. By this app, Adobe completes the trilogy of mobile apps for image editing consisting of Photoshop Fix, Photoshop Express and Photoshop Mix.

Here are the main features:

  • Photoshop Mix is for FREE
  • It allows you to cut out images from the background
  • Using the Layers
  • Let you combine images or elements from different photos
  • Apply looks to whole or just a part of the image
  • Integration with Adobe Cloud and other Adobe apps like Photoshop


Image sources for Photoshop Mix

After opening the app on your mobile device you can choose the image source you’ll open the image from. There are a lot of options like Recent, On My Phone, Creative Cloud, CC Library, Lightroom, Adobe Stocks and so on. If you select Lightroom you’ll have the advantage to save all changes made in Photoshop Mix back to the Lightroom and continue with editing there.

Ps MIX 1


Adjust submenu allows you to apply standard Adobe adjustments like the Temperature, Exposure, Contrast, Highlights, Shadows, Clarity and Saturation. an exciting option is Auto Fix that makes an automatic adjustment of the image. The good thing is you can apply Auto Fix and then make the fine-tuning by adjusting all separate parameters. Here I would mention a great feature, and it is the usage of layers. If you tap the layers icon on the top right toolbar of the app, you’ll get the possibility to look at what layers you are currently using as well as the possibility to add a new one. As you tap the plus sign, you’ll get the question of what kind of layer you would like to add. I could be image, text, or color. I’ve chosen the color and selected any color from the displayed color wheel. Then I tapped Blend option in the bottom and selected the blending option well known from standard Photoshop. Finally, you can fine-tune the Opacity of this new layer.



Photoshop Mix - Looks

Applying Looks is one of the powerful ability of Photoshop Mix. It could be compared to Lightroom mobile presets. There is a bunch of looks available for immediate application. But you can go with looks even further. You can apply it locally by selecting the Selection icon, and then you can select the region that should be affected by the Look effect. Finally, select the Fether option and feather the transition with the slider.



Cut Out

Cut out option brings an advanced technology of precise selection from standard Photoshop into this mobile app. Simply said, you can cut out any part of the image selected by the selection tool. And this selection tool is very powerful. Choose one of many selection options like Smart, Basic, Lasso, Shape, and the select Refine to refine the selection. As you are satisfied with the selection, just click Cut Out, and you’ll get the selected area of the image separated. I have tried more approaches, and the best way seems to me to start with the Smart Selection tool. Let’s assume you want to cut out the sky and use it in another image to replace the non-attractive sky. So as I mentioned, start with the Smart Selection tool. Then zoom in and check the edges of the selection. Use another tool to fine-tune the selection. I have tried the Lasso tool, and in the high zoom, I have resolved any imperfections in the selection. 

Photoshop Mix Blend

The Blend is a unique function available in Photoshop Mix. If you are familiar with the standard Photoshop, it is based on the Layer blending modes. To apply this effect, you have to select at least two images first. Honestly speaking, you have to choose appropriate images for the blending. Then after opening both (or more ) images, you simply switch between the images and set the blending mode for each one. This way, you will achieve the blend effect of both - or more images.


The Upright submenu is valuable when you edit and architectural image with strong vertical lines. App automatically detects the significant lines of buildings, for example, and offers more views and alignments along these lines. You simply select one of the proposed transformations. Finally, after that, just make the final cropping with the crop tool.

Shake Reduction

Shake Reduction tool is a bit different compared to other tools within the Photoshop Mix app. If you have a blurred image caused by the movement during the capture, this is a good candidate for applying this function. As you tap the Shake Reduction submenu, the image is being sent to the Adobe cloud, and the effect is applied there. Then the edited image returns back to your phone or tablet ready for further usage.


The Fill submenu allows you to make the content-aware fill of the selected area. Again it is taken from standard Photoshop. You define and choose the area you want to be filled using AI with a similar background surrounding the selection. Photoshop Mix then fills the selected area for you.

Export Options of Photoshop Mix

After applying all changes using Photoshop Mix, select the export icon, and more options will appear. You can export the edited image right to the Camera Roll on your phone. Or you can upload it to Behance or CC Library. You can continue with editing in Lightroom mobile by choosing the Lightroom export option. If you are the Adobe Stock contributor, you can upload the final edited image right to the Adobe Stock. There is also the possibility to upload the image to the Creative Cloud as the PDF file.

Ps mix output


Photoshop Mix is another Adobe’s native mobile app bringing you the basic editing possibilities but also the advanced selection methods for Cut out function. Shake reduction uses revolutionary in-cloud automatic editing or sharpening the blurry images and sending it back to you.

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