Lightroom Presets - 10 Outdoor Portrait Presets

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Lightroom Presets – 10 Outdoor Portrait Presets.

This package contains 10 presets for Lightroom Mobile and 10 presets for Lightroom Classic for Outdoor Portrait image enhancement.

The package of 10 Indoor Outdoor Portrait presets is ideal for travel, outdoor, and blog photography.
Presets work best for natural lighted photos.

What is included in your purchase:

  • 10 Mobile Lightroom Presets (DNG files) and 10 presets for Lightroom Classic (XMP files).
  • Step-by-step PDF guide for installation for Lightroom Mobile
  • Step-by-step PDF guide for installation for Lightroom Classic

Preset description

Outdoor Portrait Lightroom Presets help you to enhance your photos using the Free Lightroom CC App as well as the Lightroom Classic. These presets will edit your photos like a pro without extensive knowledge of Adobe Lightroom. Lighten, brighten, and color affect your images while enhancing your overall photo.

These presets allow you to apply a modern color touch of bright and almost high - key effect for a nice and clean final image. Combining these colors is very popular on social networks such as Instagram, Twitter, or Pinterest.
Presets are especially suitable for portrait photographers, bloggers, but also professional photographers.
These presets will save you time, and you will be able to change your image look in just one click.
It also includes a detailed description of how to install presets in Lightroom on your mobile phone and a PC or Mac.

Included in the delivery, are 10 presets, which provide different levels of contrast and tonal balance.

Common Questions

Works in Lightroom Mobile App (iOS/Android)
Works with Lightroom Classic for PC/MAC.

Please also read an article on how to install Lightroom presets in Lightroom Mobile and Lightroom Classic.

Important Notes

Since each photo is different, so will the results of Indoor Architectural presets. It is essential to make fine adjustments after applying the presets. Most often, you need to set the following parameters:

  • Exposure
  • Shadows
  • Whites
  • Blacks
  • Vibrance

For example, if we have a very underexposed photo that is too dark, the procedure will be as follows: first, we apply one of the Indoor Architectural Lightroom presets and then increase the Exposure to achieve a suitable overall brightness of the photo.

Another example can be very dark shadows. In this case, it is necessary to use the Shadows slider and increase its value by pulling to the right until we achieve a suitable illumination of the image's dark parts.

Another example is excessive coloration and saturation. In this case, we reduce the Vibrance slider.

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