Photoshop CC Shortcuts for PC and Mac

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Photoshop CC Shortcuts for PC and Mac

Do you want to increase the effectiveness of your Photoshop work process? If you start to use Photoshop shortcuts more intensively, your productivity can increase by more than 50%.

Get your free complete Photoshop shortcuts interactive list PDF document. You can use it on your computer, smartphone, or tablet and quickly find any Photoshop shortcut. Use finding tools in Adobe PDF document to find quickly what exactly you need. Jump anytime to the main menu and select another topic or leverage the advantage of PDF navigation tools.
Twenty-seven pages of Photoshop shortcuts with easy navigation.

Here is the list of categories of Photoshop shortcuts:

  • Popular shortcuts
  • Use function keys
  • Select tools
  • View images
  • Use Puppet Warp
  • Use Refine Edge
  • Use the Filter Gallery
  • Use the Liquify filter
  • Use Vanishing Point
  • Use the Camera Raw dialog box
  • Use the Black-and-White dialog box
  • Use Curves
  • Select and move objects
  • Transform selections, selection borders, and paths
  • Edit paths
  • Use for painting
  • Use for blending modes
  • Select and edit text
  • Format type
  • Slice and optimize
  • Use panels
  • Use the Actions panel
  • Use adjustment layers
  • Use the Animation panel in Frames mode
  • Use the Brush panel
  • Use the Channels panel
  • Use the Clone Source panel
  • Use the Color panel
  • Use the History panel
  • Use the Info panel
  • Use the Layers panel
  • Use the Layer Comps panel
  • Use the Paths panel
  • Use the Swatches panel
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