Photo Retouching – Sky enhancement workflow

Today’s photo retouching workflow will cover the lens deformation of the image. Especially Architectural photos with prominent lines. And how to correct this issue in postprocessing. In the second part, we will enhance the sky to get a more dramatic look. We will work on a RAW…

Photo Retouching – Background change

Photo retouching is covering many topics, but one of the most used or requested is image background change.
There are challenges when the foreground objects have a too complicated structure. Hence, it is not possible or extremely time-consuming to use traditional selection tools like a lasso, quick…

How to use Photoshop channels

Photoshop channels are closely connected with the color modes of an image opened in Photoshop.
Depending on the color mode of the image, the channels palette will differ.
Let’s focus on the most often used color mode, which is RGB. It is the most used color mode when…

How to use Camera Raw Filter in Photoshop

The last versions of Photoshop offer a massive amount of special filters for various particular purposes. One member of the filter family is a bit different. It is Camera Raw filter, and it comes from initially used Camera Raw piece of software from Adobe.
Camera Raw is automatically launched after you open the raw image in Photoshop….

Advertising photography

Advertising photography is more than perfect and technically well-executed photography. It could be product photography that not only shows the product but also tells a story.
This story has to lead to buying the product from the client’s perspective. So from this point of view, advertising photography is more artistic, more creative and therefore more sophisticated.

Food Photography tips

What is Food Photography
From a technical point of view, Food photography is a part of Product photography, which is a branch of commercial photography. Food photography is also very popular as a part o travel photography. A lot of travel bloggers are using pictures of the food to make their travel portfolio more attractive.

7 tips for Interior Photography

Shooting interior photography could be a big challenge. It is always essential what is the purpose of the final image. It could be commercial interior photography, advertisement real estate photography, or just leisure shooting for social media. One of the critical factors is preparation.
Clean the space
When shooting interiors, you do not see at first sight the…

How to become a Commercial Photography professional

What is Commercial Photography?
There are many definitions and discussions of what actually is commercial photography.
Commercial photography is a part of professional photography, which is a general and broader definition. In fact, commercial photography is a process of shooting and editing specific images that help sell a product or service. 

A good…

Shutter Speed in Photography

What is shutter speed
Shutter speed is the amount of time the shutter is opened, and the light is coming to the sensor of a film in your camera. Shutter speed is one of the three key elements of photography shooting settings. The exposure triangle consists of Shutter speed, ISO, and Aperture.
It is more than essential always…